Pest Control

Pest control is important in so many ways. First of all, we have to keep the pest in our homes under control, because otherwise we would become flooded with insects that may transmit diseases or ruin our houses. Termites, for instance, are terrible, because they can eat a wood house little by little until it collapses or becomes unusable. Cockroaches may transmit diseases. Bed bugs may make us sick.

Another kind of pest control is the one that refers to keep crops free from pests. This is very important because crops can be easily destroyed completely if left untreated or unguarded. When speaking about crops, weeds, and herbivore animals are also considered pests, so special measures need to be taken to keep them away from the plants.

There are several typesspraying for pests of pest control: biological control, mechanical control, elimination of breeding grounds, poisoned bait, traps, pesticides, space fumigation, sterilisation, destruction of infected plants, repellents, and field burning.

Whenever needed, pest control services will assess the situation and recommend the best method of action, taking into consideration that the well-being of humans and the care for the environment should be among the top priorities when choosing a measure to destroy and control a pest or another. This is why it’s quite a good idea to ask for a specialised service to help you get rid of your pest instead of doing it yourself. Specialists always know better how to destroy all those unwanted guests and prevent them from re-infesting your home or your crops.

Chemical repellents and pesticides are kept under strict control at the national level, therefore only substances that are EPA approved can be used, no matter how tempting it would be to use something stronger, but which may lead to disastrous effects on the environment.