Concrete Scanning With GPR

Construction professionals need a reliable system to keep from cutting or coring concrete in areas where utility lines, water lines, rebar, and post tension cables are beneath the surface. This is why ground penetrating radar is essential. There are several benefits to using GPR. First, here is a look at what GPR Is GPR?is.

3 Major Benefits Of Concrete Scanning With GPR

GPR ( ground penetrating radar ) is a system that works to find elements underground by the emission of electromagnetic signals. These signals penetrate concrete, and if something below the surface is hit, it is reflected back to the GPR by way of an antenna.

The levels of the signals received let the individual using the GPR know what is below ground. For example, lower signals will indicate that plastics are below the surface. Higher signals indicate that steel or water, such as that enclosed in a tank, is resting underground. This information would indicate that the concrete would need either to be cut around these areas or avoided altogether.1.

There are many benefits to using GPR in any construction application. Three of them include being able to locate utilities that rest below ground, being able to avoid hitting rebar and being able to locate any post-tension cable.

1. Locate Utility Underground

When making use of a GPR system, one of the major benefits is locating utilities before beginning any concrete cutting. What makes GPR particularly advantageous is these utilities can be located without any need for cutting or otherwise disturbing the surface.

Locating underground utilities can be useful in construction of buildings, roadways, railways and bridges in some cases.

2. Avoid Hitting Re-bar

Using the GPR application allows the ground beneath the concrete cutting to be explored before that cutting is started. Because of its sophistication, it is possible to need to read only one side of the readout and understand in real time where the rebar is located.

3. Locate Post Tension Cables

Find out where the post tension cables are before concrete cutting or coring starts. GPR also makes it possible to know how far the cables fall or drape. This makes the concrete cutting that is about to begin a much safer process for the construction crew.

Make use of GPR technology before your next concrete scanning job. It is a worthwhile expense to incur which allows the site to remain undisturbed in order to find the rebars, tension cables and utilities.